Red-Tailed Hawk Model

rig-ready pose

rig-ready pose

This hawk was modeled and textured for Echowerk GmbH. They rigged and animated the asset, so it had to be topologically fit for animation.

The underlying body mesh was textured in Substance Painter, but the iris of the eye was created in Substance Designer. Most of the feathers were done in Photoshop.

This was the first feathered creature I've created, and it was a real headache. There ended up being about two dozen unique feather types. I didn't have any fancy software at my disposal to help with feather placement, so all the instances of those feathers had to be hand-placed (or spawned with Fibermesh, then tweaked).

I learned a lot from this project, that's for sure. There are some things that I would do differently if I had to start over, but in the end I'm happy to have pushed into unknown territory and returned with something that works.

October 4, 2019